Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Your Relationships with the Colorful Flowers

Flowers are an ideal mode to transmit your feelings about any relation; you can express all of your emotions with the help of right type of flowers. I like to use flowers on all occasions and events as I know that there is a perfect flower for every event, so what if you receive a flower and doesn’t know what it means for you relation, don’t worry just read on.
In the following I will try to list the many flowers and what they mean symbolically and also practically;

  •  Carnation flowers
Carnations are the most cost efficient flowers, yet they do come in a variety of colors. So if you receive this type of flower then it can mean two things, first either your loved one knew about your favorite color and decided to gift you a flower in that color (sweet!) or secondly he may ran into the flower shop and picked the cheapest available flower without thinking about anything else. So why you get it completely depends on your guy and you will certainly know about it.
  • Tulips
Tulips are the favorite flower of florists like me, why because they come in many colors and are way more unique then roses and can be used as gift in any special moment. So if your loved one gives you a multi-colored tulip bouquet, he has certainly put a lot of thought and effort into it and deserves a salute from you.
  • Peonies
Peonies are a symbol of class and pristine.The peony is a favorite of rich and famous who have impeccable taste.They are also known as an omen for good fortune, so if your loved one sends you some peonies, you may have good relationship luck just around the corner and coming your way. It also means that he thinks that you have a classy sense of style.

  • Daisies
I think Daisies are fun, pretty flowers and they don't mean anything too serious. So it is common to get this type of flowers in a start of a new relationship.They represent innocence, so Daisies are the perfect flower for earlier stage of a relationship when you are just starting to know each other. So if you get this flower from someone special then it means that he or she do likes you but it is too early for them to commit too much into it.
  • Red Roses
The roses are on a total opposite end of the scale, the red roses, which are only used for someone with whom you are very serious about. Many area bit afraid to gift roses in start or early stages of the relationship, so if you end up getting them from someone, it can either mean that you are very special to them or he/she is completely clueless about what this flower in particular means.

The above are a only few of the uses and meanings of flowers in relations, as there are hundreds of flowers, so is the meanings and feelings associated with them, so if you have any question or want to share your own experience or story regarding the usage of flowers in relations then do give us a hit in the comments section below.

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