Monday, 16 December 2013

Five Themes for Christmas Table Decor

Christmas is that time of the year when everyone is happy and filled the joy, you can see smiles on the faces of everyone, from small children to age old fellows, everyone is happy, you can even feel joy in the air, all the flowers are filled with joy on this beautiful occasion too. So using flowers on the Christmas seems like a logical choice to me. So if you want to know my top five favorite floral themes for Christmas table decor then read on, you may find something you like here.

The following are some of the ways the flowers can be used to create memorable Christmas table decor for you and your loved ones;

  • Red, White and Green Flowers
This is the traditional way to decorate your Christmas table on this lovely day, it comprises of the colors which are associated with the whole theme of the Christmas, you will be over flown with this color combination on the Christmas. And that’s the only drawback of using this color theme, is that everyone will be using it, so if you are not into something new and value our traditions then this is right for you.

  • Red Roses Setup
Red roses can be used to have a unique look and feel on the Christmas table, this type of decor will give your table a unique romantic look and it is perfect for couples or newly weds. This romantic table decor is ideal for having dinners in low quantity of guests; ideally a dinner for two can be decorated in this setup.

  • Pink Roses Setup
Not having a romantic dinner and not into the traditional floral arrangements then this pink colored Christmas table decor is the best option, this setup not only captures the true spirit of Christmas but it will attract all age groups, kids will love it scent and elderly will like its simplicity, so everyone in the room and dining table will fell in love with it.

  • Multicolor Violets
If you are arranging a Christmas dinner and you know that most of the attendants will be young fellas then try the multicolor violets theme, this theme will spark youth and freshness in your decor and everyone will certainly appreciate it. If you run into trouble finding multicolor violets then just use any reputable online flower shop like

  • Spring Color Flowers Theme
So this is a totally new and unique take on Christmas table decor, in this theme instead of following the traditional themes of red white and green colored plants, you go totally opposite with yellow white and orange flowers and have a spring look Christmas.

So whichever floral arrangement you decided to choose just make sure you spend the holidays and especially the Christmas Eve with your loved ones and share the magic of Christmas with everyone, I’ve never seen anyone who wasn’t happy on Christmas and surrounded with flowers. What are your thoughts and experiences, if you want to share something or ask something than please know that the comments section is waiting for you? May the spirit of Christmas guide you and light a path of success for you.

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